About the Organisation

The Lianda Folk & Classical Academy was established in the year 2nd Feb, 2001 with a reverent aspiration and hopes for preservation and development of Classical and traditional Folk Art of Manipur. The Institute mainly aims in training and imparting knowledge of folk and classical art and philosophy in various forms to the young enthusiastic youths of all cast and creed. Further, it aims to encourage studying and documenting the works of the living exponents on Manipuri Folk Dance and to research on the Arts Philosophy.

The Lianda Folk & Classicial Academy, under the dynamic leadership of Smt. A. Raseswori Devi not only emphasizes on the preservation and development of the Arts, it also tries to assimilate with other modern and experimental forms and theatrical works in the local and National mainstream.

Since its inception the academy has ventured to run a regular 3 years course in Traditional System (Guru Syishya Pattern) on Manipuri Classical dance on free of course. The academy has produced many artistes. Most of the qualified students have participated in many events in Local, Regional, National and International Level. In short, the contribution of this Institute to the promotion of Manipuri Classical & Folk Dance in national mainstream is remarkable.

The Academy has exposed our beautiful rhythms of Manipuri Classical and Folk dance at many national stages and abroad like Khajuraho, Festival. 2001, 2013. Lokrang, Festival. Bhopal, 2003, 2004, 2012. Bhubabhuti Samaroha at Jiwaji University, Gwallior 2003. Celebration of Lai-Haraoba Festival at National Musium of Mankind, Bhopal, M.P. 2003. Singhasath Kala Utshav at Ujen, M.P., 2004, Basanta Raas at Fauji Mela in New Delhi, 2005, Lok Tarang Festival at New Delhi, 2009, National Khadi Festival Ranchi 2009, 2005. New Production Maha Raas at Imphal 2005 Lok Tarang Festival at New Delhi, 2009. Nisha Gandhi Festival at Kerala, 2010. International Dance Festival at ISCKON, 2010 Imphal. Octave Festival 2010, Jaipur. North East India Dance Festival, Organised by ICCR, 2010. Sangai Festival, 2010, 2011, 2012, New Production Dance Drama Poknapham Ema 2011. 14 November, 2011 at Tin Murti bhavan, New Delhi. Diva Raas 2012. Tawang Festival, 2012, Orgd by NEZCC. Call of North East 2012. organised by EZCC, Kolkata, Gajiraj Utshav at HQ. 4 Corps EME BN. Tejpur, Assam 2012. Symposium & Festival sponsored by Indian Council for Cultural Relation 2013, International Cultural mart 2013 Guwahati, Sayon Tara(Dance Drana) at National Ballet Festival Imphal 2014. One Month Workshop on Manipuri Classical Dance 2014-15. Sangai Fest. 2014. International Polo Fest. 2014. Lok Parva Purvottar 2015. Spring Festival of DDK Imphal 2015. Indian Cultural Evening at Mandalay, Myanmar. Orgd by Indian Consulate General Myanmar.2015. New Production Aavas an annovative dance Drama (Manipuri & Bharathnatyam) Based on Geet Govindam. Surindra International Folk Lore Festival Thailand 2016. Adi Vimba Festival EZCC 30 31 Jan. 2016.42 National Annual Conference Rims25-2-2016 Guru Tarunkumar sanman 1-3-16 JCRE Skill Solution 26-4-16. 16th Arambam Somorendra Martyrdom anniversary 10 June 16 The 15th Foundation Day and Valiductory Function 2016. Presentation of Manipuri Folk Dance at D.R. CONGO Orgd. by ICCR New Delhi 2016. New Production Basanta Raas 14/01/2017. One Month Children workshop 24/01/2017 sponsored by Sangeet Natak Akademi.Rastriya sanskirti Mahotsa Orgd by NEZCC 2017. Manipuri Classical Dance at Rangoon Sponsored by ICCR. 2017 New Production Diva Raas 21-09 2017. Diva Raas at RAAS FESTIVAL on 28-09-2017 Organised by JNMDA Imphal. Bhagirathi Ganga at Nirtya Sancharana Tripura on 12-19-2017 Organised by Sangeet Natak Akademi. Taal Prabandha at Manipur Sangai Festival 2017 Manipuri Classical Solo Dance Festival Organised by Govt. Dance Collage Imphal.21-12-2017. Re Public Day Celebration at Imphal 0n 26 Jan. 2018.Foundation Day Celebration 2018 of LFCA Imohal. SWATCH BHARAT & Exhibition At Lalambung Primary & Lalambung High School Imphal on on 26&28 03 2018.


Project in Brief

The project envisaged by this choreographer is compelled by deep concerns of Inter-Ethnic hostilities and violence which is disturbing the peaceful existence of varied and culturally rich communities in Manipur, Manipur is one the culturally advanced states in the Indian Union and some thirty odd communities along with outsiders had lived together for years, because of unfortunate developments in politics of Ethnicity and difference Manipur is witnessing deep Hill-Valley divides which pain our cultural workers.

How can cultural workers and dancers held assuage deep pains and anguish of the divided communities? Here we can experiment certain collective endeavours for understanding causes of conflict, misunderstanding and prejudices of communities and help discover essence of collective existence as in the pass? Can dance be the language of this enquiry, which had not been done by many? Can the communities who are proud of their cultural possessions work together, eat together search for meanings in each of the dances, and discover world views and attitudes to nature and our respective Ancestors? Can there be nuances of movement and for affinities in dance, music and customaries, the role of women in social harmony?

The workshop shall be adorned with community exponents of culture, philosophy and folklore; the dances shall learn new lessons of the discovery of unity and universal love.

The workshop shall be organized consisting of children of specific communities at their vacation times, especially winter.